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The fundraising journey is always unique in every industry and highly depends on entrepreneurs. The gaming industry is a very specific one and has many challenges to address.

This time we've met with these two awesome global founders Tim Raiter and Vitaly Urban to tell us their fundraising story. Tim and Vitaliy are the co-founders at Kid VS Zombies, Be Unicorn, and HelloBaby. I first time met Tim and then Vitaly in San Francisco about 3 years ago and was impressed with their quality of art and exciting solutions for families with their product HelloBaby.

Now they are building a very complex game with tons of high-quality art and unique fun story "Kids VS Zombies". They have recently raised a $1.6 million dollar round to grow their company


Was that easy? What failures did they make and how did they manage to succeed?

Let's find out, see the video recording of our recent webinar with them below. Please Subscribe to our youtube channel, Like, and Repost it.

On top of this article, we have summarized the key steps Vitaly and Tim had to get to successful fundraising. Thanks to the amazing art of Katerina Balakina, she is a scriber and a visual recorder for Go Global World, Dell, Samsung, Deloitte, Google, and other companies. See her art here:

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