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GGW Sharks. Startup Founders vs. Investors. Episode 9

We had our ninth episode of our GGW.Sharks event together with an amazing panel of investors:

Steven Hoffman

Angel Investor, Chairman & CEO of Founders Space

Zamir Shukho

Founder & CEO at Vibranium Venture Capital

Duránd F. Davis Jr.

Founding Managing & General Partner at M&D Ventures

Jordan Wahbeh

Managing Partner at SV Venture Group

Danil Kislinskiy

Founder of Go Global World

and others.

And here is a list of some of our presenters:

Deanna Dammers - VP of Investor Relations at Kiffik Biomedical

kunche kalyani - Founder of

Adib Ahnaf - COO at Socian AI

Sergey Ignatyev - Founder of Bobsla GmbH

Arezou Zarafshan - Founder & CEO at Call Emmy

Quynh Pham - Co-founder & CEO TourMega

Ryan Girardot - Co-founder & President at Cerebro Sports

Gene Hamel - Member at 3 Cord Management

Ilgar Taghiyev - Founder & CEO at A Truck

Ann Shin, PhD. - CMO at 3Blocks

Check out all of the pitches in the video.


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