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Global Startup News - Jan 09, 2023

Apple's mixed-reality headset, which is expected to be called the Reality Pro, is expected to make its debut in the spring of 2023 after a number of delays. See more.

Capital providers spent $1.37 billion across 78 agreements in generative AI firms in 2022, surpassing the sum of the previous five years' investments. See more.

The Q4 overall transaction volume was $36.2B (-61% y/y, -23% q/q), and the Q4 VC exit value was $5.2B (-97% y/y, -65% q/q), according to the Q4 2022 PitchBook-NVCA US Venture Monitor. See more.

In February, DoNotPay intends to employ its AI-powered "robot lawyer" to assist an anonymous defendant fight a speeding ticket in a US courtroom; the defendant will receive coaching via an earpiece without the judge's awareness due to the fact that this is against the rules of the courtroom. See more.

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