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GlobalShift 2021 Series with Skolkovo: Review from the last one and invitation for the next event!

Hey, Goglobers!

We are looking forward to the third business breakfast with Skolkovo from the globalshift202 series! Two of them already were amazinig and full of practical content!


We have already published a summary from the first event, you can easily find it in our blog. And here are a few quotes from the spekears of GlobalShift2021 2nd event - "How to plan for failure at the stage of the experiment of building a global company?"

  • You have to be careful with advice and always have critical thinking, because there will be a lot of opinions and advice in the beginning, but that does not mean that they are all correct. During a conversation, it is especially important to distinguish between the opinions of your clients and understand what they really need and what their fantasies are.

  • Failure can be both strategic and tactical, so the better prepared you are to enter the market, the less risk you have. But you should still take into account that your plan is fiction and you need to be ready to respond quickly to the changes that have taken place.

  • At the same time, if you do not take action expecting a better time, you should understand that most likely you will never start or it will be too late. It will never be ideal. It is extremely important for an entrepreneur to act here and now in uncertain and difficult working conditions. But there must be a balance, it is worth understanding that there are nuances that are better prepared meticulously, for example, your presentation for an exit to an investor or client.

  • An entrepreneur's cognitive bias is overconfidence. He often relies more on his opinion than on objective reality. Education here greatly expands the horizons, the more cases you consider, the more you reflect on success and failure, the less blind spots you have. However, it should be taken into account that in theory there is no difference between theory and practice, however, in practice it is.

  • You will also be able to react faster to changes in the situation and make decisions if you set up signal points for yourself, by which you will be guided in advance about making further decisions. Think about what risks you are ready to pledge, how much money to lose and what criteria will be green or red for you.

And keep in mind, "It is impossible to solve the current problem using the intellectual resource and those paradigms in which this problem originated". Einshtein.


Don't miss the opportunity to broaden your horizons of knowledge about entering global markets. Read more and register here for the next meeting on February 9th "Globalshift mindset: designing a new way of thinking. Why is the global business model better than yours?"

The event will be held online in Russian and English simultaneous translation.

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