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How to Automate your Networking?

I can't express more joy when I see how many talented entrepreneurs from around the world benefiting from our Networking Bot on Telegram "Go Global World Bot". It connected globally hundreds if not thousands of people and they keep expanding their quality network.

As founder of a global community very grateful to our team to make it happen. I constantly keep receiving messages from our members thanking me for this free and efficient tool.

And what blows my mind is that it works automatically for you on weekly basis bringing you people from around the world you are unlikely to reach directly on your own. Doesn't matter if you are in Tokyo or Lisabon, in Paris or Moscow, in London, or in a tiny nice village in the suburbs of Thailand.

Remember Giving is more important than Taking, though Taking shouldn't be undermined.

To keep your new connections strong, offer various ways to help your new connection and KEEP YOUR WORD, IT'S YOUR REPUTATION.

Don't be shy to ask for help and don't forget to help our community. It is created for you so we can build more things that can help entrepreneurship globally and strengthen our ecosystem for Startups, Investors, and other important players.

If you never used it, now you can. Sing up and create your profile here:

Danil Kislinskiy

Founder & CEO

Go Global World

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