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How to navigate your company through digital transformation and avoid deadly traps.

Traditional corporations, "rhinos", have been replaced by a new generation of companies that thrive in the digital economy - "unicorns." They disrupt markets and industries, operate on completely different principles and surpass the "rhinos" in almost every aspect. How can traditional businesses adapt to change, join the ranks of unicorns, or even become one of them?

Based on their own experience and 40 cases from all over the world, Victor Orlovsky and Vladimir Korovkin will give recommendations on how to transform a rhino corporation into a much more efficient and dynamic unicorn capable of defeating tomorrow's competitors.

You will be able to provide the customer with value that they will not receive elsewhere, avoid the pitfalls of transformation, increase competitiveness and protect your market position.

And here is more about speakers:

Victor Orlovsky, Managing Partner and Founder of Fort Ross Ventures

Victor was recognized as the best technical director of the year in Russia and Europe (Oracle award) and was one of the 1000 most effective managers in Russia (according to Kommersant), was awarded the Medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland for his contribution to the development of banking in the Russian Federation. Author of the book "From rhino to unicorn. How to navigate your company through digital transformation and avoid death traps. "

With 25 years of experience in international finance and banking, Viktor is the founder and business angel of many startups in the areas of fintech, social media, crowdfunding and the sharing economy.

In the fund, Victor pays special attention to investing and building relationships with companies located in Silicon Valley and Israel, opens doors for them to the markets of Russia, the CIS countries, Central and Eastern Europe, using his industry knowledge and partnerships with the largest corporations in these regions.

Vladimir Korovkin, Associate Professor of Business Practice, Head of Innovation and Digital Technologies, Institute for Emerging Markets Research, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

26 years of business experience (consumer marketing, retail finance, digital systems, IT consulting, management consulting). Author and co-author of two books, a number of research reports, case studies, chapters in books and textbooks, articles in the academic press, more than 50 publications in Russian and foreign business media. He spoke at academic conferences and economic forums and round tables in Russia, Germany, Switzerland, France, Poland, Hong Kong, India, Morocco, China, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. He was a consultant on projects for creating national digital strategies of the two countries, advised Russian and international corporations and startups.


March 11th, 19:00 (UTC+3)

Language: Russian

Register by the link here

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