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[New Event] Start of the CustDev - Customer Discovery Hacking Tactics.

Hi, GoGlobers!

We are excited to announce a new speaker and highly recommend you to register to our next webinar! Because the topic is one of the most important and fundamental for startups. You all know that you have to always keep your attention and high priority on your customers, the more you know about them, the shorter the way to success! But it's even better to start getting to know them from the very beginning, even before you are going to create your MVP.

Please meet Ilya Puhov - Serial entrepreneur, a born salesperson and strong manager with a deep technical background, Founder of Customer Insights, StudentEmotions and QestGuild.

Language: Russian

Date: February 22th 7:00 PM (UTC +3)

Register: here

Ilya will speak about first stage of CustDev - Customer Discovery. At this stage, only a hypothesis is required, with which it is necessary to leave the building and talk to people. Do they have such a problem and are they looking for a new solution now - questions that need to be answered.

This task may seem very difficult if you are going to international markets - it is not clear where to look for respondents, how to lure them to a meeting, what to ask. And most importantly, what to do with the answers later.

But our speaker has walked this path more than once both as a startup employee and as a consultant. In his presentation, he will show three cases and working methods of Customer Discovery, with the help of which you can make your first discovery in a couple of weeks after the webinar. His geographic focus is English speaking markets. The information is especially relevant for those who want to enter America, Canada, Australia and other English-speaking markets.


Also it helps a lot to the community when you like comment and share our videos and posts, so we can reach entrepreneurs in remote locations where they might have limited opportunities.

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