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[Webinar] Raising non-venture capital financing for a startup by Yaroslav Yaroslavsky

The context of the startup industry is full of information on attracting venture capital investments, which forces most founders to consider such a decision as a basic and sometimes the only way to develop. But let's expand the boundaries a little and highlight one of the unpopular, but extremely important topics. In addition to venture capital investments, there are grants, compensation and subsidy programs for startups in different countries from government and commercial organizations, prizes for innovation competitions, etc. Our next speaker Yaroslav Yaroslavsky considered participation in such programs not only as a solution to financing issues, but also as a quick way to test your business in international markets and gain access to local expertise and clients.

Here is a webinar where Yaroslav Yaroslavsky, co-founder of Upswot, Independent VP Business development, shared in detail his own experience on attracting non-venture capital funding in Europe and the USA, and also shared his impressions of participating in various programs for startups in Poland, Chile, USA, Hungary , Austria and the Middle East (UAE, Jordan Amman, Saudi Arabia).

In the presentation you will find a list of all the programs that Upswot have completed in 2 years, check it here


If you have some experience in this area or have questions about raising non-venture capital financing for a startup, feel free to share it in the comments!

The webinar is in Russian but if you are interested in this topic just write us and we will try to help you and share some information!

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