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Hi GoGlobers! 2020 was outstanding – not just because of the pandemic but the opportunities it brought. Go Global World community was created in February 2020 and soon we will celebrate our first anniversary! And we are excited to share the resume of the 1st year!

Our goal is to connect entrepreneurs from different countries and help them go global. Today we have members from 45 countries. We performed more than 70 events attended by 7500 people. All our webinars are available on Youtube and were watched 16 152 times. The most popular video about entering the US market in Russian language reached 3,2K views. We have more than 3,0 K members on our FB page.

To date, Partners of Go Global World are Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide (#11 in University ratings of South States of the USA), ФРИИ - The most active Russian VC fund and accelerator, Technopark Skolkovo LLC, SKOLKOVO - Moscow School of Management, IBConsulter, Rusbase/RB, Startup.Network, U N Ventures, AXIS Innovation in Israel, Colaborativo.NET- a business community in Mexico, Mindhive - a business community in Australia, IT-Park and Yoshtadbirkoruz in Uzbekistan, Astana_hub in Kazakhstan, Accelerator Expert DOJO in Los Angeles, USA, Gold Coast Innovation Hub in Australia, Tech Pr Partner OURA Collective located in the United States!

With gratitude to the past and attention to the present, you can safely make plans for the future. After all, the best way to predict the future is to create it by yourself!

And we will try to do our best to help GoGlobers on this path!

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