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The 11 Worst Tips: How to Fail Your Startup when raising capital

Advice by Danil Kislinsky, Founder of Go Global World community:

1. Don’t study your target audience. Your audience is the whole world!

2. Don't try to validate your hypothesis. It's a waste of time.

3. Build your product and solution based on badass cool features you can build because they are awesome and you want them. No need to ask your audience if they really need it.

4. Remember you don't have any competitors, so forget wasting your time to looking for and researching them. There is no chance that there is someone in the world working on a problem / solution similar to yours.

5. Don’t listen to your family and friends’ advice about your product.

6. Building your business model starts with a long-term business plan from the beginning, just never end it.

7. Go to investors with a zero traction, with no sales, no strategy and no purpose.

8. Talk to investors using your specific tech language only, never try to adapt it to your audience. Make them feel they are stupid and you are smart.

9. Put minimum 40 slides to your investor deck: only text of 10pt size.. or smaller. Never try to simplify it, it will help you look as mart as a scientist.

10. Run sales using a database of cold clients only, if they turn to warm customers try to avoid them.

11. Don’t personalize your emails: send one and the same newsletter to all of your contacts as often as possible.

At Go Global World community, we hope that you will never use these tips! 😊

This list can't end with those recommendations only. What would you advise to do best to fail a startup?

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