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The Best Way to Be Global Is To Be Local: Building a Hyperlocal Marketplace in the U.S.

We are excited to invite you to our event Go Global Series with 500 Startups Alumni!

Danil Kislinskiy, Kate Seledets together with Liz Polizzi Oertle will talk about the peculiarities of building a SaaS marketplace serving hyperlocal markets across the U.S.

Language: English

Date: February 10th 8:00 PM Moscow Time / 9:00 AM PST (UTC -8)

Register: here

Liz Polizzi Oertle, CEO/founder of Nanno (an on-demand child care marketplace) will cover topics including seeding versus scaling in a new market, leveraging national marketing resources to target specific demographics, and all the bad advice she got from people who don’t understand the nuances of building a double-sided marketplace in a service industry. We will leave plenty of room for questions because in this area more than most, specific facts and circumstances matter, a lot.

In addition to being a startup founder, Liz is a recovering lawyer, a former book editor, and mother of two fabulous young women who will one day rule the world. She enjoys urban adventures, speculative fiction, and learning the hard way.

Online conference agenda: 5 min - Danil Kislinskiy will present Go Global World

5 min - Kate Seledets will present the speaker and topic of discussion

25 min - Liz Polizzi Oertle will speak on the stated topic

45 min - Q&A

Please read more and register by link here

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