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The Go Global World Telegram Bot

Ideas are driven by people. And people are full of ideas – even if they think they are not. The main thing that will help you to come up with new ideas is a friendly environment. Danil Kislinsky, the founder of our community, knows how to push people for the greater – he believes that you can, gives you his trust, and after that, there’s no chance for you to fail.

Networking bot: The Idea

When I had joined the Go Global World community, I invited my brother Dmitry, who lives in Australia, to join the community as well. At our regular phone calls, we discussed much the community mission and the value we can bring to it. We came up to other members with two ideas – to create a short video about our community (still in progress), and to create a bot that will help our members get to know each other in person. It was in August 2020.

Our idea was met positively and supported by Danil – he has quickly connected us with his friend, Dmitry Kalupin, who is the founder of @Friday Software and We scheduled the initial call, explained to him the idea, and… In September we were already testing the first version of the bot.

The Go Global World Bot: How it works?

The idea is simple: to connect our community members one-on-one in the chat. Every week the bot asks them if they are interested in meeting a new person sharing their details. If yes, they meet in Telegram, and then arrange a call or meeting.

The idea of random meetings is not new – we remember the story of Chat Roulette, then Random coffee, and of very popular now – Our telegram bot is based on the same idea, but it’s built and designed specially for Go Global community members.

Success Story

I spoke to Nurbek Yensebayev from Kazakhstan, the co-founder of a startup Sezual – they produce a device that allows blind people to see the world almost as it is seen by the sighted. He was among our first bot users. After his meeting with someone through Go Global bot, he wrote to our chat: “Thank you for creating the GoGlobalWorldBot! Thanks to the bot, I ’ve just finished my virtual meeting with Alexander, who deals with AI in the health sector. Great idea and implementation”.

Nurbek mentioned that the person he was randomly connected with is also an inventor based in Moscow. They exchanged ideas and experiences and agreed to be in touch for further cooperation.

“I think that in today's world we should unite to help each other, no matter where we are. This bot breaks down barriers and borders - such tools are very important and necessary!”, - said Nurbek.

Instead of Conclusion

After two months of the bot's existence, dozens of people have met each other. We invite you to join our community and take part in random meetings. Who knows, maybe your interlocutor will be your future partner, or even an investor.

Join our bot for 1-1 meetings in Telegram: @GoGlobalWorldBot or use this link:

P.S: Great thanks to our partner and its founder Dmitry Kalupin for creating such a cool bot for Go Global World community.

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