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Hey GoGlobers! We have published the webinar BOOMING LITHUANIAN STARTUP ECOSYSTEM! We create events about startup ecosystems in different countries in order to enable more entrepreneurs to gain access to knowledge and resources that will help in development.

Each country provides startups with different tools and a different set of opportunities to create value in the world through a successful business! We are trying to dive into the secrets and insights of each country, talking with people who can really share their experience and relevant information about business development in their country!

So this time we tried to help to explore possibilities and benefits for startups to join Lithuania's Startup Ecosystem and scale to the EU markets! Meet the speakers!

Roberta Rudokienė

Roberta Rudokienė is the head of Startup Lithuania. The organization is powered by Enterprise Lituania – a government initiative – which is defined as a “one-stop-shop for current and future startups in Lithuania”.

Startup Lithuania is the national startup ecosystem facilitator, connecting startups, investors, government, and other startup ecosystem players.

Tomas Martunas

Tomas is the Founding Partner of Iron Wolf Capital Early Stage VC in Baltics and invests in visionary people who are ready to develop BOLD Startups. As Angel Tomas invested early in few BOLD startups, including Dancerbus (EV bus made from composite material), Aichom (Solution for Alzheimer), Ooniq (P2P community-based self-insurance).

Viktorija Vaitkevičienė

Viktorija Vaitkevičienė, Manager of venture capital fund CoInvest Capital, which invests in start-ups in co-operation with groups of business angels.

Andra Bagdonaitė

Andra is the leading European B2B accelerator program manager and venture capital associate passionate about helping founders become entrepreneurs and build great tech companies. Currently, as an Accelerator Program Manager, she is running the Startup Wise Guys ( accelerator in Lithuania, where they provide the wisest money on the market for prospective B2B startups.

Lithuania is a very small country, with only 2.6 million inhabitants, it is a very small market for a startup, but it is a great entry point to the European market!

  • 11th in the world for ease of doing business

  • 1 day to register a business using on e-signature

  • Among top EU countries in ease of paying taxes

  • 4th - lowest profit tax in EU

  • The place where you can scale fast and live slow

Three investors and the head of Startup Lithuania shared their experiences and advice for founders on how to enter the Lithuanian startup ecosystem and why Lithuania can be a good starting point to Europe for your startup! Including important topics such as how they can support you, at what stages of business development they are investing in, in which areas of the business, and how they can help you, be it sales, hiring, custom development, etc.

As usual, there were 45 minutes for relevant questions, where you can also find answers to your questions or you can always ask them here or in our community chats! Hope it will be useful for you!


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