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Hey GoGlobers! We have published a video from the third webinar of series with 500 Startups Alumni where Susana Saeliu, co-founder and CEO of Pluto together with Danil Kislinskiy and Kate Seledets, talked about BUILDING A D2C BRAND WITH SUSTAINABLE SCALABILITY!


It may sounds simple, but in fact, many companies trying to build such a business did not survive. Susana Saeliu have a very interesting way of scale her business and shared a lot of insights and cases about building brand from the idea to product market fit and fundraising. As well Susana is very passionate speaker so webinar is really excited.

Higly recommend you to go through this webinar not only for relevant topics but also to hear about some of important lifestyle topics of entrepreneur such as hobbies and mental health and also Susana shared what fuckups did she made at the beginnings.

Susana Saeliu shared insights on building a D2C brand with sustainable scalability. She covered topics including brand launch and early days, go-to-market strategy, working during the pandemic, fostering obsessive brand love, standing out in D2C, and initial customer acquisition strategies.

Susana Saeliu is the co-founder & CEO of Pluto (, developing the first and only custom sleep pillow that's crafted to your body stats, how you sleep, and what you like. Leveraging data through a proprietary process, the brand helps all sleepers take the guesswork out of pillow shopping and to maximize their sleep. Prior to Pluto, Susana founded Kora, a bamboo bath tissue brand, and was the COO of Tradex Marketplace, a reverse logistics company that processes customer returns and overstock merchandise from department stores across the country. In her spare time, Susana is a car enthusiast and loves to drive and track her cars. She graduated from USC in 2011 with a BS in Business Administration.

If after the webinar you have any questions addressed to Susana, you can ask them directly on her social media, on linkedin or ask us to share her email address.


Please share your feedback with us or support us with likes and reposts, because we are a non-profit community and we develop it without marketing budgets. We are developing thanks to the active members of our network :)

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