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Any business goes through different phases of development from idea to implementation and scaling, but one of the main phases of any business is sales. On the Internet, there is a huge amount of theoretical knowledge on how to approach this process correctly, but even in spite of the experience, in each individual case we are faced with a lot of practical questions about the organization of sales in a particular business and in each individual country. For the most part, we all make the same mistakes.


At the webinar, the speakers shared their practical experience on the entry of an engineering startup into the US market. They told what mistakes were made and why it was not worth doing that. Spoiler! - The most common mistake of founders at the start is to go to local investors for money without local traction, instead of going to clients for real cases. One of the speakers, having spent several months negotiating with investors, realizing the problem, almost immediately approached a client who was ready to do a pilot project. In the webinar, you will learn how over the weekend he organized client searches and why his offers and approach were such a success.

As always, the webinar is filled with practical experience and useful information that you can immediately implement and use in your strategy. We discussed such topics as studying competitors' manufacturers, their prices and distribution structure, negotiating with contractors, designers, sellers to study the market and trying to make a pre-sale. Why is it better to cooperate with small companies or the end consumer, especially at the start of sales, and by the way, what can be a go to market strategy step by step in both cases.

Rod Turaev, CEO, a practical expert on customs legislation in the Russian Federation, EU, USA and Canada.

Yuri Vlasov, Founder and CEO

For five years of development, the startup has attracted $ 3 million in investment and has distributed several dozen devices to companies and individuals in Russia, Europe and Africa. This year Vlasov plans to produce 1,000 batteries.

Maxim Antonenko, CEO, Co-founder of Ant Robotics

Entrepreneur with an engineering background. Founder: robot online shop, 10PB+ trsnsaction warehouse startup. PhD, Dean of MS Software Eng


We really hope that this will be useful for you and always excited about your feedback!

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