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We have published a webinar with Alexander Gorniy, co-founder of United Investors, and we highly recommend that you take the time to watch it if the issue of attracting investments is relevant for you.


I would say that the topic of the webinar is revealed in the question of how not to screw up when evaluating a startup and attracting investment. This is actually very important, because many startups die because of wrong decisions on at this stage. And the miscalculation here can be critical in both directions, and with too low a start-up assessment, and too high.

What options and mechanics for evaluating a startup can be, how to maneuver between them, and why is it better to avoid evaluation in the first round at all? And how, then, to calculate how much money to take and on what conditions?

With what to go to a meeting with an investor to assess how to bargain and what pitfalls can be in evaluating a startup and attracting investment?

What pitfalls and what limitations can a startup face in the future if it is misjudged and attracts investment?

Alexander Gorniy shared not only the answers to these questions and other equally important ones, but also visual calculations, detailed mechanics and assessment options, information that is really important for every startup planning to attract investment.

Language: Russian


Please watch the webinar and share your feedback or any questions that you have!

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